From: SilentBob on
Ok, after nearly throwing my LiDE 30 off the back deck, I finally
found a work around... Some history...

I had been using my LiDE 30 for ~1yr on an XP machine, towards the end
it had gotten VERY picky... often crashing after a couple scans,
giving me a Code:15 error and shutting down the driver. I had written
the problem off to some other imaging software I had been having
problems with and assumed when I built my new dev box running a fresh
installation of Vista Business, that the problem would go away...
well, it didn't... so I started considering Vista compatibility issues
and even a hardware failure.

Until I happened upon another post here that sent me in the right
direction... simply put... adding the TWAIN directory (in my case, C:
\Windows\twain_32\CNQL30 ) to my system path has stopped all Code:15
crashes and I haven't had to reboot once, having hopped back and forth
from Photoshop to Acrobat back and forth, and closing and re-opening
the programs and scanning w/ varied options...

If anyone else is having Code:15 crashes, try this and it may help you