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> Hello,
> I´m currently writing an office application using Microsoft .Net which
> has to process texts which the users usually obtain using the
> OCR-function of the scanner.
> The scanner installed is aHPScanjet 7650 and when I push one of its
> buttons, theHP-Software window appears showing a list of applications
> which I can select for receiving the scanned image or text. Word and
> Wordpad appear there, and some image processing applications.
> I would like my application to also appear in that list, but I have no
> idea how to do that.
> Is this list managed as a part of the TWAIN-interface, does it have
> something to do with the WIA (Windows Image AquisitionAPI) or is it a
> piece ofHP-Software?
> I hope somebody has an idea of how to manipulate this list.
> Thanks and Greetings,
> Michael


You need to register your application using "Wia.DeviceManager"
Take a look at

I'm developing a similiar tool and I need to convert the scanned
documents to pdf (multipage). If you have any clue about it please
share with me.

Good luck,