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I've got a small problem.

I'm in the process of designing an application for inspection process on
production line.

one of the issues I came across is input masks.

scanned serial numbers have to be of specific format, i.e

in this mask:
1st three characters (TKC) don't change
4th chcnges depending of month and is a letter
5th is a number representing year so it changes every january
6th character (C) doesn't change
7th (H) is a subject to changes, always a letter
8th-13th are set of 6 random numbers
14th is a letter
and last 6 character change randomly

so initialy mask would be \T\K\CL0\C\H000000L&&&&&&, which access in changing
to "TKC"L0"CH"000000L&&&&&.

problem is that the 7th character is a subject to important design changes,
that can occur once or twice a year.

the application has an admin panel where specific users can track serial
numbers, print reports, etc. what I need to do is add a form, or something,
that will allow admin user to change serial number input mask on the form
used for scanning numbers (without opening form in design view and

I hope my explanation of problem is clear enough

thanks for any help

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