From: JessLRC on

I would like to create a column to list cells that would be excluded from an
average. I don't want to change the formula because I want to lock those
cells. Is this possible? The main reason I want to lock the formula is
because I want it to be clear if any values are excluded.

Example of what I have:

Columns A:D Text descriptors
Columns E:Z numbers to be averaged (sourced from several other sheets,
includes many blank cells, locked)
Column AA: =Avg(A:Z) (locked)
Column AB: =Stdev(A:Z) (locked)
Column AC: =AB/AA (locked)
Possible Column AD: cells that should be excluded from the average, not
locked. For example AD3: =B3 or be blank.

How could I rewrite AA and AB to take into account AD and not include those

Other should have some freedom to remove outlying points based on the
standard deviation and COV but I want it to be very clear what points they
excluded and easy for others to play around with excluding different values
or no values.