From: Lorenz Hölscher on
Hello everyone,

Access 2003 had an error as following: having a report with the german
default name "Berichtsfuß" (which is a report footer) the database
won't work anymore on a japanese system. The error description tells
you that VBA can't be loaded (I'm not sure about the exact text) but
the solution is to rename it and remove the ß character.

Could anyone check this for me with the new Access 2010 version (Beta,
I know)?
- I could send you a small accdb with one table, one report and one
subprocedure in it or
- you could run the following code in your accdb:
Sub RenameReportFooter()
DoCmd.OpenReport "Report1", acViewDesign
Screen.ActiveReport.Section(acPageFooter).Name =
"Seitenfußbereich" 'must have a page footer before!
End Sub
'then save the report and try to reopen the database...

Thanks for your help,

(if you prefer the accdb file, this ist my email: internet[add the
missing character here]