From: Piranha on
I have a UNICODE application including a few edit controls and I would
like to let the user choose the font and color for those controls.
I´ve created a button that calls ChooseFont() but I have 2 problems:

1) How do I restrict the users choice to UNICODE fonts?
By default the application uses "Courier new" which can display almost
any character in almost any language, including characters like the
EURO and special characters from eastern countries, independent of the
users local language.
MSDN shows a huge list of options to restrict the users choice, but I
couldn´t find a restriction to UNICODE, or am I blind?

2) ChooseFont() includes the choice of color, but color of an edit
control is set in case WM_CTLCOLOREDIT of the controls parent, so how
do I set the color of the edit control, without to make the color
setting global?