From: Mr. Arnold on
Sharon wrote:
> Hi Arnold,
> As you can see on my post, I'm using port number above 1023 which is 2902.
> And the process/application that already took this port received this port
> from the Windows OS dynamically while connecting to some other remote server.
> I need to make sure that Windows won't take the port I wish to listen on.

It didn't take that port dynamically.

2902/tcp NET ASPI is a reserved high port, like 1433 is a reserved high
port for SQL Server.

> You can assume that computer is a dedicated PC that does not have any
> application/server which is configured to this same port. SO the only way
> this port can be taken, is by the Windows OS (WinXP).
> So I do need to know the range of port that I can listen so they will not be
> taken/given by the OS.

I suggest you look at the port assignments for 'reserved high ports'
above 1024 in the link I gave you and use a port that's past the
'reserved high ports list'.

But it's still contingent upon you knowing that a high port past the
'reserved ports list' is NOT being used by a 3rd party vendor's software
or another devloper in-house that has not written an application
listening running on the port you have chosen. It's just general principle.
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