From: Peter Duniho on
SQACSharp wrote:
> Hi,
> Many of my applications who use dll ProjectReference stop working
> since this week for unknown reasons.
> I suspect that I ran a downloaded openSource project who change
> something in the registry about dll reference/ version
> The problem :
> The application stop because of "object not reference to an instance
> of the object...blablabla" and the form cannot even be displayed
> - The problem occur ***ONLY*** when running my application outside VS
> (not in vs.. with start debugging)
> - Doing a "Clean" of the project before doing rebuild project solve
> the problem until next rebuild
> - when running the application after rebuild, the problem occurs 50%
> of the time when executing the exe directly , sometime it works,
> sometime not. But it always work in VS or after a "Clean"
> I dont think the problem has something to do with my code.

A null reference exception is almost always something to do with your
code. They are also relatively easy to debug, with access to the code.
All you have to do is look in the debugger where the program stopped
and see what's null and why.

Of course, since you didn't post any code, never mind a
concise-but-complete code example that reliably reproduces the problem,
there would be no way for anyone else to suggest what might be wrong.
But you should be able to figure it out yourself.

If you're unable to, for anyone else to provide any specific information
you'd need to provide more information than you have so far. Such as
the code example I mentioned above.