From: Peter Duniho on
SQACSharp wrote:
> My first use of attach process debugging...
> Problem = When several separate projects output dll to a SAME
> directory I need to add reference to that dll in my main project even
> if the main project is not using it. Compiling the main project
> delete the file (.dll) somehow. Adding a reference to this "unused"
> dll in my main project prevent the deletion of the file in the bin
> dir.
> Is there an option for this? Why rebuilding a project can result in
> removing dll in the output dir? Anyway at least the problem is
> Resolved!!!! :)

The "Rebuild" option performs a "Clean" then a "Build", where the
"Build" is based on the dependencies for the project being built (or the
whole solution, if you use the "Build Solution" command).

It seems plausible to me that if you for some reason have multiple
projects all writing their output to some directory, but those projects
are not properly configured as dependencies for the project that
actually depends on them, they won't get rebuilt after being cleaned
from the output directory.

It's impossible to say for sure what's going on without access to the
actual solution and projects. But it sounds like you haven't set them
up correctly. Certainly having a bunch of DLLs that aren't actually
related to each other all getting written to the same output directory
seems a bit irregular to me.