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I can't duplicate the issue at will, but here is what I know and it
seems to be in line with other people who have posted.

CMD prompt hangs (for me) only after a disconnected telnet session from
a Cisco device (telnetting a Cisco device is 99% of my cmd prompt
process is not listed in taskmanager
window can be "maximized", "minimized", resized, moved.
I can't get into the properties of the stuck cmd prompt.
I can open and close other cmd prompts without problems (but I have had
other prompts lock up if timed out from a telnet session)
I've issued a "shutdown -f" from a run box and everything starts to
shutdown, then the mouse pointer turns to an hourglass and rapidly
flashes (once per second).
My cmd prompt settings have been modified (quick edit mode, screen
buffer size, window size)
ending "explorer" process and then starting it back up in taskmanger
run box brings "explorer" back with the bad cmd window.
After the telnet session has timed out, I've hit enter a couple of
times and it will still lock up when I type exit
It has hung on a newly built XP station with all of the Microsoft
updates (first day). I originally rebuilt my station after it started
frequently happening (SP1 I believe). It has happened on SP2 and SP3.

On a side note, whenever I time out from a telnet session, I've started
telnetting into another device, exiting out, and haven't had it lock up.
So I'm convinced (for me at least) that it only occurs after a timed
out telnet session. Unfortunately, I sometimes get "X" happy and start
clicking those, so I still will get the hung session.

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