From: Arny Krueger on
"JWald" <wldj4(a)> wrote in message
> Gentlemen,
> I want to compress my kick drum on tomorrows gig using a
> Behringer MDX4600.
> However, I don't understand enough to use it, much less
> to it's fullest. Can someone please give me a down and
> dirty basic setting that will help be get a decent kick
> drum sound? Should I insert it, or run it through an aux?
> I also thought I would try a touch of compression on the
> vocals as well. Any basic vocal settings to help me get
> more than I'm getting now? Thanks. --
> J Wald

If you properly search the google archives you may find a post by Phildo
about setting up and micing drum kits. I believe his post also mentions