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Chegu Tom,

Things to check on those two machines...

1. Check Tools - References (behind any form) and make sure the machines
where it is not working have the same References as the machines that are
working. If any say *MISSING* you'll want to fix those.

2. Make sure the installs match. Conditional Formatting is not always
installed with Access unless selecting Custom Install.

3. Make sure a Default printer has been assigned in Windows and make sure
Access can find it.

4. Check the SP? version of the machines that do work against the ones that
don't work and make sure everyone is on the same version.

5. Also check the Macro Settings on machines working against machines not

Hopefully, one of the above will find the issue!

Gina Whipp
2010 Microsoft MVP (Access)

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"Chegu Tom" <noemail(a)> wrote in message

I know about spaces and text fields, they are all numeric values in numeric
fields. a typacle criterian is [CutN]=[CutD] (cuts needed = cuts done)
that control will be shaded. There are 20 such fields in this report and
hundreds of rows.

Please Note
If I take a front end DB with this report and put it on a shared drive (the
backend is also shared).
Open it on the shared drive with any other Access client (2000, 2002,
2003, 2007) and all of the criteria work, all of the formatting works
Open it on the shared drive with these two specific Access 2003 clients
and none of the criteria work.

This really has me puzzled. This report has been working for 5 years on
many different clients and still works on all others.

If we can't figure some client setting, I may have to reinstall the problem

"Steve" <notmyemail(a)> wrote in message
> Tom
> Although they are all numeric values, are they Text data type? If so, see
> if you have a leading or trailing space.
> I would also try opening the table and for the problematic client, delete
> the value in the field and reenter it. Then try your conditional
> formatting.
> If the above fails, post a couple of examples of the values that work and
> post the value that does not work. Also post the criterion.
> Steve
> "Chegu Tom" <noemail(a)> wrote in message
> news:OKMVXeHxKHA.5036(a)TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl...
>> Steve
>> No they are all numeric values and they are all taken from the same
>> backend as the other clients who all display correctly.
>> I even tried setting the criterian to expression and set the value to
>> [true] which should trigger the formatting but does not.
>> "Steve" <notmyemail(a)> wrote in message
>> news:O3CZeNHxKHA.404(a)TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl...
>>> There is something wrong with the value in the field for that client you
>>> are basing conditional formatting on. Perhaps it is a text value and for
>>> that client there is a leading or trailing space that is not obvious.
>>> Steve
>>> santus(a)
>>> "Chegu Tom" <noemail(a)> wrote in message
>>> news:u8t%23y3GxKHA.4492(a)TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
>>>>I have a report that uses conditional formatting to shade controls
>>>> It runs without problem on access 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007
>>>> Two 2003 clients have problems with the conditional formatting.
>>>> No matter what I put in for an expression it formats as if the criteria
>>>> is not met
>>>> even Expression TRUE or expression 1=1 won't format the controls
>>>> The expressions I have work fine for all the other clients (about 20 of
>>>> them)
>>>> What settings on that client could cause it to ignore conditional
>>>> formatting?