From: old_goat on
We have an app that requires .net 1.1 to work, so are using VS 2003 for
I'm most of the way through cleaning up the code that was originally created
in VS 2008, so that it will not error on build.

One particular statement has me a bit confused, as I cannot find any obvious
examples to explain it.

m_Results.PR = New Validator.Details
currently complains that type Validator.Details is not defined, which is
I tried to add a new Details class to the Validator class, and declared
several variables that are then used
m_Results.PR.UPRN = getSelectedRowValue(grid, 7)
is an example.

Problem is, adding the class only removes the error from the New
Validator.Details part, as m_Results.PR then complains that PR is not a
member of 'Dialog.Validator.ClmDetail'

ClmDetail is simply another class declaration in the Validator class

I'm just trying to work out whether this is some new aspect of VS 2008 that
I can't find any obvious help on, or am being utterly blind to something