From: Yousuf Khan on
Java Jive wrote:
> AIUI, there is no method for undeleting a file in ext3, but there is
> using fschk in reiserfs? It's a while since I tried to do this, so I
> can't remember the details now. Howeve, this being so, you may wish
> to remain on reiserfs. The reasons you give for change seem rather
> insubstantial to me.

It's probable that it's not worth the effort, as I said it's not
critical, just an annoyance.

Yousuf Khan
From: Kadaitcha Man on
"Java Jive", thou depraved huge bombard of sack. Lord, how subject ye old
men are to this vice of lying. Ye chided:

> I repeat my quest<THWACK><THWACK><THWACK>

You did not as a question.
From: chrisv on
Java Jive wrote:

>On Sat, 16 Jan 2010 20:36:18 +0545, Kadaitcha Man <anon(a)>