From: Rachel on
I'm using XP and when I copy and paste a chart on to the same slide (in the
hopes of having 2 identical charts side by side) the formatting for one or
both charts ALWAYS changes. How can I copy and past charts while preserving
formatting, sizing, etc.?
From: trip_to_tokyo on
PowerPoint 2007

Try the following (it worked for me).

1. I launched a new Presentation.

2. Home / Slides group / click on drop down arrow to the right of New Slide
/ click on Comparison / slide number 2 should launch.

3. Go to where you chart was (mine was in an EXCEL 2007 file).

4. Click on the Chart / right click / select Copy.

5. Click back in slide 2 of PowerPoint Presentation / click in, “left hand
pane” / Home tab / Clipboard group / Paste / Paste Special . . . / select
Picture (PNG) / OK.

The picture comes in successfully on the left hand side of the window.

6. Now repeat steps 3 to 5 but when in step 5 click in the, “right hand

You should now have 2 identical pictures side by side in slide 2.

Save the file if required.

You can see the results of the above at:-

Item number 103.

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