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Hi All,

I am trying to copy a slide from 1.pptx into 2.pptx, till PowerPoint
2007 just copying the following two properties used to bring all
background information into the destination slide
dst.Design = srcSlide.Design
dst.ColorScheme = srcSlide.ColorScheme

But in PowerPoint 2010 I even tried using the "Copy slides with source
formatting" as shown at ""
but then also the gradient fills and texture fills are not getting
copied to the destination slide unless i click "Apply to all" in the
"Format background" dialog.

While the same VBA code (given at "")
work perfectly with PP 2003 and 2007, it is not working with
PowerPoint 2010 (unless I do "Apply to All" as mentioned above)

Is this a bug in PowerPoint 2010 or I need to do something extra to
copy those formatting information from srcSlide to destination slide.

Thanks in advance
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