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I have being doing some research into Office 2007 Theme files (.thmx).

There are links that have led me to "ThemeBuilder" and this has helped
me understand what can be controlled by the .thmx file.

So the remaining question is ... what does the .potx file contain in
addition? (or what is left in the .potx file?)

How simple can we make the .potx and then rely on the .thmx to ensure
that the overall look-and-feel is consistent.

From: SV on
It sounds like the .potx controls "geometry" (sample slides) plus a
few specials but the theme controls "colours, fills" etc.

In the past we have created two .pot files (one for each colour/fill
set). This was always very time consuming and error-prone!

Perhaps we should be moving to one .potx with two themes to cover
allowable colour/fill sets?

Many Thanks