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>>> how do i go about copying slides from a ppt to a pptx? I have the
>>> compatibility pack and it didn't help at all... any suggestions?
>> If you are using a version of PPT prior to 2007 you can't save a file as
>> PPTX, only PPT and the conversion pack won't help as it is only a PPTX
>> reader and does not miraculously make an earlier version into 2007
>> feature rich version. It does not matter to the receiver what version of
>> PPT you save it into as PPT '07 can open all PPT file back to PPT '97 at
>> least.
> That not true, once you load the Compatibility Pack file(s), you can save
> your presentation as a .pptx.
> Choosing "Save As" in PP 2003 and scrolling down through the types will
> show all the 2007 formats at the bottom of the list.
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OK, I'll stand corrected but I can't on my computer with only Office 2003
and the latest compatibility pack. Must be something wrong with my
version's installation.