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> > ZipSlack swears to be usable on 8 MB (or even 4 MB with swapfile), but
> > I've never tried (yet??). If you really want low RAM, maybe you should
> > try Minix?? It's got a lot of GNU utils now (and 3.x series has a
> > liveCD). BTW, I assume you're aware of the older DOSMinix (2.0.4), but
> > that's fairly slow.
> Wow, I forgot about ZipSlack... I remember trying it, but I can't seem to
> recall when that was or what happened. :(
> > Still, I think DeLi (2.4.x kernel, no X = 8 MB min. RAM) might be more
> > what you really want.
> Since I've got a pile of a dozen or more Linux "coasters," I decided to
> DeLi under QEMU first. I didn't see what I was looking for in the
> deli-0.7.2.iso or deli-0.7.2-big.iso.
> Now the other one you recommended, Linux from Scratch, appeared at first
> just be a how to book. But, if you click LiveCD and then "download" (it
> switches between a number of "download" pages, that's odd...), it had
> for a LiveCD. I tried lfslivecd-x86-6.3-r2145-min.iso under QEMU (very
> slow), but had _many_ of the things I listed!! Bootable CD, current GCC,
> current Kernel, had C includes, actual fdisk etc., compiled for 486, no
> /dev/hdx or /dev/cdrom in /etc/fstab. I could tell what libc/glibc

Correction: couldn't tell

> and won't know until burned and booted if it will release or unmount the
> or work with the low memory... Excepting that I forgot to check VFAT and
> make etc., it looks real good so far. I think it's worth another
> I'll let you know how things turn out. I might not try until the weekend.

Rod Pemberton