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> Pete Dashwood wrote:
>>> And another "The True
>>> Believer" by Eric Hoffer.
>> Not come across that.
> Hoffer postulated that "groups" - whether Nazis, Communists,
> fundamentalist religions, or whatnot - nevertheless have traits in
> common that can be studied. This is a small book, but it cannot be
> read quickly. With almost every sentence, you'll find yourself
> putting the book down, stroking your chin, and saying: "Hmm. Damn!"
> Here are a few of the zingers I remember:
> * A mass movement can exist without a god, but it will always fail
> without a devil. All mass movements must have something to hate.
> * Memberships in mass movements are interchangeable. It is the
> movement, not the goal of the movement, that is important. Fanatics
> readily move from movement to movement.
> * People mind their own business when it is worth minding. When it's
> not, they take their mind off their own meaningless affairs by
> minding other people's business.
> * Mass movements appeal to people who are dissatisfied with the
> present by promising a glorious future.
> * Joining a mass movement is like clutching a life-raft.
> * Membership in mass movements is validated by proselytizing. The more
> people one can get to join the movement, the greater the sense of
> self-validation.
> This is one of a half-dozen books that fundamentally altered my
> outlook on life Others include "Atlas Shrugged," "Sexual Choices -
> Why Women Pick the Men They Do," "Systems of Survival" and a few
> others.
> Tell you what, Pete, buy Hoffer's book. Give it a go. If you don't
> have a sense of profound enlightenment, I'LL give you your money back!
> Of course you have to buy the ten-cent variety here:

Wrong reference above. The "True Believer" by Eric Hoffer is here:

and a used model is (gulp!) $3.95. Okay, I'll STILL refund your money.

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