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>>>Just trying to run a simple batch file.
>>> xcopy D:\*.* G:\backups /s /m
>>>And it copies the first file (backups.bat) and then 'codes' out with
>>>an "insufficient memory" error.
>>> Where? There's room on the disk drive. Watching the various
>>>graphs the memory usage does hit the top - is that what it is "doing"?
>>>Windows can't run a "simple DOS command" w/o running out of memory?
>>> The "funny" part is the other batch file, which does a similar
>>>thing, only not with music files, works fine. So, what am I missing
>>>in terms of memory management in a batch file?
>>>oh yes, running XP home sp 3
>>>pyotr filipivich
>>Is it possible there are recursive shortcuts on D:
> Again, I doubt I have shortcuts on D:. OTGH - who knows what
>Microsoft does?
>>(I can't believe xcopy is that stupid)
>>File system damaged: check
> I doubt so. But then who am I to question the benevolence of our
>Silicon Based Overlords?
>I ran RamFreer (a garbage collection program), it reports 730 megs of
>the 1 gig RAM as available. No joy. I could do a "cut and paste" copy
>in Windows - if I don't mind copying all 153 Gigs ("only 273 minutes
>to go!") - but could not get xcopy to handle the task. Either as a
>batch file, or in cmd.exe window. Question to the technogeeks, is
>there some kind of limit on the memory of a cmd.exe window? Again, I
>have my doubts, as the CPU graph hits 100% and then reports
>"insufficient memory"? Swap file issue?

DOH!! Why did I not think of this? Google "Xcopy insufficient

The problem is that xcopy can only handle a max of 256 characters
in a directory listing, so something like "D:\Music\CDS
WMA\Violinkonzerte- Violin Concertos\Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Nos.
1,2,&3)\Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Nos. 1,2,&3) 04 allegro moderato.wma"
is just too long - "insufficient memory"


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