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>>>I know, on every site / in near every group 'they' tell me a driver for a
>>>burner under XP-SP3 isn't neccesary. Forget it.
>>>Here a pc with windows xp-sp3 on it and a Lite-on dvdrw LH-18A1P
>>>Worked fine for many years.
>>>Bought a dvd +R with 8,5 Gb space on it. To be able to use this disc,
>>>told me to upgrate the firmware. Could have been so, and so I did.
>>>succesfull. Restart: yes.
>>>Now: new hardware found, request for the driver disk.
>>>Don't have it :-((
>>>I don't dare to burn this 8,5Gb disc, it might not work.
>>>Please help
>>>Where can I find a driver for the LH-18A1P?
>>>Any one of you able to zip the files from the original disc to burn a new
>>>one, or an iso? Sending via Rapidshare may be?
>> Any good -
>> Look at the upgrade instructions .
> Thank you. This is firmware and because of flashing this, the pc asks now
> for a place to download the driver, under 'new hardwre found'. So I still
> need the original data cd from Lite-on.

You're not running Windows 98 anymore. Any driver you need came with Windows
XP. Delete the IDE Channel that has your DVD RW on it (Or the SATA
Controller) and reboot. Windows will install all the appropriate drivers.