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> I've begun playing DVD movies on my WinXP laptop with VLC Media Player.
> Today, a brand new DVD kept "stuttering" all the way through. That is,
> both
> video and sound would completely stop and then, after a few seconds,
> resume.
> I thought the DVD was bad--but I played it on my WinXP desktop computer
> with
> the same media player, and it seemed to run mostly OK (although there were
> some places where I sensed very slight hesitations).
> Could it be a marginal DVD? And if so, is there a way of making it work
> better? (It's a DVD I bought a couple months ago, so I'm not sure I can
> return it.) I've played a few other DVD movies on the laptop without any
> stuttering.
> Thank you!
> Jo-Anne

<<FYI: DVD stuttering can be subject to other things than the security
of the disc. If your DVD drive uses a IDE / ATAPI / PATA connection,
you would probably need to have the correct UltraDMA drivers for you
motherboard. UltraDMA drivers tend to give better throughput than PIO

Also, RAM is very important. The more RAM available for the media
player the less likely the Windows would pause to swap out other
memory "chunks."

A finally, you might need to consider update the required media

Thank you! I'll do some checking in these areas too.