From: John Smith on
> Have you tried the manufacturer's test program? Free and should be easy to
> download if they're any good at all. At least one of your failures could
> have been the quickl format you did; nothing gets fixed that way; just the
> tables get refreshed (cleared).
> If you have bad sectors and the number of them changes from time to
> time, that drive is done for; replace it. But if it's a stable, unchanging
> number, the drive might last for years yet - hard to say for sure.
> HTH,
> Twayne`

I'll give the manufacturer's programs a shot and see how that goes. Thanks
for that!

Cheers, JS

From: John Smith on
> You can also change the SATA cable, or the SATA port used, and retest.
> Just in case there is something wrong with the high speed communications,
> rather than the disk itself.
> Paul

I'll give that a try also. Cheers, for that.


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