From: Tomas Lanczos on
On Thu, 2009-12-24 at 03:10 -0500, Drew Jensen wrote:
> Stephen Wolfe wrote:
> > I was wondering if there is a way to store the database file on my hosting
> > space so I can allow access to it from any computer? Of course, it would
> > need to accept some kind of login password or some other way for me to
> > control access from others who use the database. I'm also guessing this
> > would also get more people to use OpenOffice. That would be perfect :)
> >
> Hello Stephen,
> I suppose you are referring to a Base embedded database.
> Short answer is - no, you can not open and connect to the database,
> embedded in a Base file from a shared hosting environment. Least not
> that I know of.
> Of course Base is really a Database Front-end Document package, not a
> database manager. So you might consider PostgreSQl or MySQL or ????
> Drew

Hello Drew and Stephen,

I strongly recommend using PostgreSQL or MySQL with the Base as
frontend, but I also recommend to consider the purpose, used data types,
way of use and amount of stored data before creating it. PostgreSQL is
an excellent database engine comparable with database as e.g. Oracle but
using it in some cases is like pick children to the school by a
bulldoser. Another problem is when the hosting space is designed only
for data storage, no software installation is possible. For this case I
recommend to consider SQLite, as the all SQLite database is stored in a
single file in spite of PostgreSQL/MySQL, accessible from anywhere (at
least I suppose, honestly I did not try yet :)).

Regards and good luck


p.s.: one note - in all above mentioned cases it is proposed and/or
required not to use Ooo Base to create and design the database (in the
case of SQLite also create and change tables), but any other database
backend designed for the given database engine (e.g. PGAdmin III,
PHPPGAdmin, PHPMySQLAdmin, Sqliteman, etc.) insted.

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