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>A friend of mine reports that he just did a charity gig where one of the
> many acts supplied backline. Said act, apparently signed to a recording
> company, then attempted to dictate the rules and setup for the show
> ("Doesn't matter that there is an 80-voice choir coming, our gear goes
> center stage and stays there all gig", "We need a full soundcheck for our
> 30-minute spot in this festival with 5-minute changeover times between
> acts", that sort of thing.)
> How does one deal with folks like that? Any hints, suggestions, etc?
> I'll
> admit to running into similar problems occasionally, but I've been
> fortunate that I could refer the diva to my superior.
> Dave O'H

you give the person who is PAYING you what ever show they want
you tell the artists you are working for the event producer and to work out
the isssues with them and you wil be happy to do what ever THE PERSON WHO
HIRED you asks
but you simply can not take requests from anyone else

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