From: Veli-Pekka Nousiainen on
John H Meyers wrote:
> Not only were you reading (and replying to everyone)
> as it was being posted, but I bet you know
> how to use Google search, too!
I don't quite understand?
Do you mean that I
a) was replying to everyone instead sending post to you
b) was replying to everyones post
Any guidance is always well accepted
(if not always followed)

From: Veli-Pekka Nousiainen on
Veli-Pekka Nousiainen wrote:
> John H Meyers wrote:
> X
> Any guidance is always well accepted
> (if not always followed)

Before anyone answers this
may I clarify one thing (at least)
I'm not always asking for myself, but to let others see the answer
My answer would not be as detailed as John's (for example)

There are a lot of newbies - specially now that the 50G is out
(and the keyboard simply works)

From: John H Meyers on
On Wed, 18 Oct 2006 19:42:57 -0500, VPN wrote:

> I don't quite understand?
> Do you mean that I...

"none of the above"

The thread which included the additional program as mentioned
has a post by you within it, and you also posted another message
(to another thread) four hours after my program was posted,
so I thought that you might have seen everything posted
to the group around that time (although of course
nothing is certain or reliable on the internet).

If you can access Google Groups (which
has been returning us nothing but "404 not found"
for well over 24 hours), or even your own news server,
you might be able to find it; hope it helps.

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From: David Combs on
In article <op.thmocdgjnn735j(a)>,
John H Meyers <jhmeyers(a)nomail.invalid> wrote:
>On Tue, 17 Oct 2006 19:49:17 -0500:
>> so I assigned << EXPAND SIMPLIFY >>
>> to the most useless key I could find: the HIST key
>> (Up arrow does the same, no?).
>There's another feature, designed into the HP48 series
> from its beginning, originally dedicated an entire main key,
>which I also found sort of useless to begin with;
>it's called CUSTOM (the CST key on HP48, now relegated
>to a shifted function since it didn't become as popular
>as it deserved to be).
>You can create an entire menu of your own to assign
>to this key (by storing the menu directly into
>a variable named 'CST' or by using the MENU command,
>which does the storing for you); with careful menu design,
>you can even create the illusion of an entire
>"nested menu" system within one menu, as illustrated
>by this example accompanying the "XC" program
>(which executes CAS commands so that variables
>needn't be deleted nor flag settings changed),
>in which a special function is provided along with XC
>to alter any menu so that the XC program is applied
>to every command in the menu
>(which has *not* yet been done to the menu below):
>%%HP: T(3)F(.); @ header for ascii file transfer
>@ Page 1
> { "\|>CALC" \<< 1.02 MENU \>> }
> { "\|>SOLV" \<< 1.03 MENU \>> }

I've been on this group for only a couple of weeks,
but already I notice that explanatory and tutorial
posts like the above from you *are really good!*

You probably have copies of everything you've posted
here -- perhaps if you scanned through them, picking
the hopefully-many that you think most tutorial, etc,
and gathering them into one huge "Meyers-FAQ" would
be *really* useful to *everyone* here, both old and

Of course, all it takes is lots of time... :-(

But maybe something?



From: John H Meyers on
On Fri, 27 Oct 2006 00:13:34 -0500, David Combs wrote:

> You probably have copies of everything you've posted here

Nope -- but Google does (along with everything *ever* posted):

X-No-Archive: Yes
(This message may self-destruct in one week :)

Thanks for your kind remarks, and best wishes.