From: James D. Weiner on
I discovered how to to activate Set as Default. You have to have more than
one emal account defined, then you can choose one to be your default.

Now I'm having a new problem. I can't send mail. I've issued a new post for
that. I hope you might be able to help.


"James D. Weiner" wrote:

> I was just reading the Help topic on creating user accounts and in the
> pictures in Help, Set as Default is dimmed there, too. I don't think it has
> anything to do with the expiration date, but if anyone knows what needs to be
> done to make Set as Default active, please let me know.
> I was working with Outlook 2010 Beta and this was not the case. Set as
> Default was available and I had an active Inbox, but I could not send mail
> from Outlook. My Outlook Inbox mirrored my AT&T Inbox, and AT&T worked fine
> sending and receiving, but when I tried to send from Outlook 2010, the emails
> went to my Outbox and sat. I could receive mail just fine.
> "Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]" wrote:
> > "James D. Weiner" <JamesDWeiner(a)> wrote in message
> > news:DCEF4DD4-53FE-492C-876D-E99BC2788873(a)
> >
> > >I see the same dialog box as in Account Settings in Outlook with my email
> > > account and Set as Default dimmed out. The product is activated. When I go
> > > to the Activate Product dialog box, it show the expiration date of the
> > > product (it's a 60 day trial and it expires at the end of June), it prompts
> > > me to convert to the full version, and the next and back buttons are dimmed.
> > > The only button available is close. I ran the Office diagnostics program
> > > and
> > > it found no problems in any of the modules. Thanks for your help and if you
> > > can think of anything else please let me know.
> >
> > It sounds like it thinks it has expired, but I don't know for sure. I've
> > never tried using a trial so I don't know all that happens when it expires.
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> > Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
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