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>>>> See "Visual Basic 5/6 code for the Infozip DLLs" sample at this link:
>>>> It may not do exactly what you want. I don't know if there is a command
>>>> to delete specific files, but you can UnZip/Delete/ReZip. The DLL is a
>>>> standard Windows DLL that doesn't require registration. Just put it in
>>>> the same folder as the EXE. If you have trouble with the DLL not being
>>>> found when running in the IDE, try adding these lines to Form_Load:
>>>> ChDrive App.Path
>>>> ChDir App.Path
>>> The download includes two VB projects, to unzip and zip respectively.
>>> They require unzip.dll & zip.dll
>> The DLL's are in the same ZIP file in the sample above. They are "hidden"
>> in this subfolder:
>> \infozip\Wiz\VisualC\Wiz_and_DLLs\Release

To remove/delete a file it seems do *not* need to UnZip (at least not
obviously so).
Simply do everything exactly as if makeing a Zip but see this (in

ZOPT.fDeleteEntries = zDelEntries ' 1 If Files Passed Have To Be Deleted

So, simply include zDelEntries=1
and in the file list add the file(s) to be deleted

But having got this far, and for future reference, I still can't figure how
to zip files with only partial paths, typically the path beyond the zip-file

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