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SQL Server allows you to restore to a point in time.

You can take backups at midnight, and then restore everything up until

_THAT_ is the feature that this user needs.

So why don't you go and argue with someone else, mental midget!


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>  > SQL Server could allow you restore up until
>  > right before this happened.
> That is why SQL Server, in one of its several editions, is often used as the
> database with an Access frontend in one of three versions: MDB, ACCDB, or
> ADP.
>  > with Access, you're stuck with the backup copy from last night
> A solution which might work to recover the deleted table has been posted. If
> that works, it's moot when the backup copy was made. There is no required
> schedule for making backup copies, so Mr. Kempf's statement should read "the
> most recent backup copy" (and should state, "if that is required").
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