From: William R. Walsh on

Well, it certainly sounds like you've had a lot of unfortunate
experiences so far...and while these are no doubt discouraging, I
wouldn't be so quick to dump Dell for those reasons alone.

Dell has some staff they refer to as "customer service liaisons". I've
been contacted by them at least once, and information gleaned from the
conversation I had strongly suggested that they don't know of this
newsgroup. During that time, I was given a general e-mail address that
was said to be a direct line to these people.

Dell does not appear to have had anyone representing them in this
newsgroup for the better part of a decade.

(On another subject: Their own web site seems to have a fondness as of
late for letting a few impossible builds go through. You are told that
by selecting certain options that other options are required, but at
no point can you actually select those options--resulting in a system
that can never be built.)

Since you mentioned Circuit City, I think it's unfortunate that they
are gone. I never had too many complaints with them (outside of one
extended warranty they couldn't seem to honor--not that I'm sure this
was their fault). Now--at least in this part of the world--it seems
that Best Buy rolls on with nearly no competition.