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Is there any way to see change the IIS Log level to get most detailed level
I need to find out why IIS is dropping the connection on "Client_Hello".

Following is my issue :
Currently our product exposes a WCF webservice (SOAP 1.1) via https which
is consumed by the java application deployed on weblogic.When java
application invokes the web service they receive exception “Failed to
retrieve WSDL from https://XXXX:8731/XXXXService.svc?wsdl. Please check the
URL and make sure that it is a valid XML file [
Connection reset]”.

After going through the details of weblogic logs we found that during the
SSL process java client sends request to IIS server for SSL connection i.e.
CLIENT_Hello, to which server responds with an exception which means server
hello doesn't happen. This results in reset of connection. It seems IIS is
receiving the hit from weblogic and service status on IIS side is also OK.