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On 03/06/2010 06:54, geoff wrote:
> ???
> geoff
Phil is still around, busy working. He seems to spend more time on
facebook than in here. (as do many of the other regulars)

Eeyore, I haven't heard from for months, he dropped me a short message
in MSN some time ago, but didn't respond to my reply. He`s also been
absent from the other newsgroup we share. I do know he was having some
health problems.

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"geoff" <geoff(a)> wrote in message
> ???

Nah, I'm still here, reading more than posting although too busy with other
things to be able to spend much time online. I use my iphone for facebook
and emails but don't have a newsreader app for it.

As for Eyesore, no idea where he's buggered off to. Maybe he got sectioned
or his alcoholism got the better of him?


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