From: John Braner on
Glennbo wrote:
> In news:Xns9CDEBC2B8B46Bnilch1(a) the killer robot Nil
> <rednoise(a)> grabbed the controls of the spaceship
> and pressed these buttons...
>>> Hey, you get an official "geek award" for thinking of sneaky ways
>>> to get where you want to go, when following the rules ain't doing
>>> it! ;)
>> I will wear it proudly.
>>> Glad you got your system working without having to reinstall
>>> everything.
>> Me, too! Machines exist to do my bidding, and I refuse to let one get
>> the better of me, even if it drives me crazy.
> Just gotta keep hammering at it, until you think past the limits. :)

Yeah - well done!!

John Braner