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>Personally I believe he has made
>everything he states questionable and not worth reading, or responding
>to in any way.

You mean like how I pointed out in your posted crapshots that your beloved
lenses suffer from drastic CA problems that you didn't want to know about?
And how your crapshots were excellent proof of how optical
image-stabilization causes asymmetric CA? Or how you can't even get the
right exposure or white balance in any of your crapshots? Or how you can't
even get a level horizon in any of your crapshots?

Are those kinds of things that you don't find "worth reading, or responding
to in any way"? Hmmm... I wonder why.


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RichA <rander3127(a)> wrote:

>Put all the money and effort into good EVFs. No one needs an LCD

Many (most?) average users prefer LCD over EVF.

Case in point: I recently handed my Panasonic FZ28 to a friend so she
could take pictures of her dog. She handed if back saying the screen
(LCD) wasn't working. I pointed out the EVF, but told her I could turn
the screen on if she preferred. She said, "Yes, please do!"

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