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Here are some fact about Gazelle and the iPhone: <BR>
By W. David Gardner
June 14, 2010 07:00 AM
Users of older iPhones are trading in their Apple handsets in record
numbers and most if not all are planning to use the proceeds to
purchase Apple’s new iPhone 4. That is the opinion of consumer trade-
in service Gazelle, which said trade-in traffic for older iPhones has
jumped nearly 1,000% this year over last year’s activity.
“Last year on the day of the iPhone 3GS announcement, we received 141
trades," said Gazelle spokeswoman Kristina Kennedy in an email before
the start of business Friday. She added that Gazelle recorded more
than 1,000 trades on the day of the iPhone 4 announcement this year.
"Currently iPhone 3GS 16GB is the most popular trade. 3GS in general
are representing 65% of trades, which is much higher than we thought
it would be."
Before the iPhone 4 announcement this week, Gazelle’s iPhone volume
was much lower – on May 25th, for instance, Gazelle received just 25
iPhone trades.
Consumers logging onto the Gazelle iPhone site simply report which
model they want to trade – the 2G, 3G or 3GS; after answering a few
questions about the condition and status of their phone, Gazelle makes
a cash offer for the handset . The final deal is contingent on the
company examining consumers' trade-in phones. The offers are valid for
30 days from the day the quote is made so customers have time to
purchase an iPhone 4 on 24th of June, the launch date for the new
The used market is dynamic and Gazelle expects prices of older iPhones
to drop rapidly. "Last year," said Kennedy, "prices dropped by about
50% the week after the announcement (and) we expect the same thing to
happen this year -- with offer values dropping rapidly during next
week and the following."
Gazelle's electronics reCommerce service is primarily aimed at
individual consumers although the company also serves the corporate
trade and recycle programs of major retailers including Costco, Kmart,
Sears, and ZAGG. "Smart sellers will 'gazelle' it now and
lock in their offer," Kennedy said.
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