From: nilo on
Hi all,

We have a situation where many of our reseachers use external hard
drives to analyse images of the eye.

First of all i'll get to my question.. Can Windows be told through
registry hack or similar.. to 'renumerate' (i think this is the term)
all drives or USB devices on login?

The problem we are experiencing is as follows..
Sometimes when a device a hard drive or USB disk is plugged in, the
device is assigned the same letter of our Intranet Drive (G). Or at
least this is what Windows attempts to do, but of course it isn't
successful and the USB device becomes un-accesible.

Also, Windows remembers a device's letter assignment from when it was
last used (last powered-on). This is annoying because when a user
switches from 'grading station' (just an XP computer), they can find
their drives have been assigned different letters.
I am aware of beging able to manually assign drive letters through
Computer Management, but of course this is not ideal, and not available

to Users who aren't given Administrator access (avoid avoid avoid).

All comptuers involved being identical, it would be great if things
would work on a first plugged-in, first available letter assigned

Its almost like Windows caches the letter assignments of the drives
from when they were first used.

I'm guessing this is a common predicament for people but through my
googling I haven't been able to pinpoint the topic, Really appreciate
any pearls of wisdom here!


From: Eric on
Maybe enabling Autoplay on all of the drives from A to Z in TweakUI for
XP will fix the problem.

Enter tweakui + xp in Google to locate a download site if you don't
have it.

PC Buyer Beware!

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