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On Sun, 23 May 2010 12:26:37 +0100, PajaP
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>On Sat, 22 May 2010 22:37:57 +0200 (CEST), starwars
><nonscrivetemi(a)> wrote:
>Time for me to stop reading the group. The regulars here
>are beyond help if they continue to support Dustin after
>all these posts. Which I am sure they will. All are tarred
>with the same brush No longer a group I wish to be
>associated with in any way. Thanks.

It's pretty sad to see how societies have been taken over
by the deceitful idea of moral relativism which promises
harmony and understanding but which in fact produces only
chaos and monsters instead of humans.

It's societal companion, non judgementalism, has allowed
human predators such as Raid/Dustin Cook to operate right
in the midst of society, and, not to just exist, but to

The fools who permit this are liars unto themselves. It is
impossible to be non judgemental. We judge everyone and
every happening all day long, every day. Yet, today, these
fools refuse to acknowledge that their very existence
depends on judgement. They fear not 'fitting in'.

Too bad to see you go, but I understand your disgust. I,
too, feel the same way, but am handling it my own way.

Good-bye, Pajab.

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