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"sunorain" <sunorain(a)> wrote in message

>I miss your logic.
> yes, FS doesn't know date - but Outlook should report it to FS by setting
> correct date of file when it's saved.

No application I know "reports" a date to the file system. The file system
uses the date the file itself gets created and that's the date you drag the
message to the file system.

> And what is "natural" if some attachments get correct date and others do
> not?

A message dragged to a file system folder is not an attachment.
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

From: sunorain on
sorry to say that your previous comment was nonsense plus you extrapolate
your ideas to my actions instead of reading what I have done.

1) files do not create "themselves", as well as FS does not create files.

2) sometimes saved Outlook attachment have their original file date,
sometimes (mostly) they get today's date, and you stubbornly continue to
ignore this simple fact of inconsistency.