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I recently completed a transition from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2007. I
have moved all mailboxes over to the new server, installed SP1 on the new
server, and shutdown all services and components on the old server. Users
can send and receive email both internally and externally without a problem.
I have installed Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange and it is
performing both antivirus and antispam functions normally.

The problem I have is that all emails that contain file attachments cannot
be viewed either using Outlook 2000 (the client on the user desktops) or the
new OWA interface. When a user receives an email with a file attachment the
preview pane is grey with the text "This item contains active content that
cannot be displayed in the preview pane. Open the item to read its
contents". When you try to open the message you get a pop-up message box
with the error "Can't open this item". If I highlight the message in the
inbox then click on File > Save Attachments it lists the attachment name but
when I click on the attachment name I get another pop-up that says "The
messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists,
restart Outlook".

If I use OWA, using the Private computer setting, any messages with a file
attachment show "A problem occurred while trying to use your mailbox. Please
contact technical support for your organization" in the preview pane. If I
click on "Show Details" it gives me this long list (with some information
cleaned for internet posting):

User host address: X.X.X.X
User: Jack Simpson
EX Address: /o=XXXXXXXX/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=XXXXX
OWA version:
Mailbox server:

Exception type: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.StoragePermanentException
Exception message: Could not get properties.

Call stack

Definition[] properties, Boolean forceReload)
session, MapiProp mapiProp, Origin origin, PropertyDefinition[]
autoloadProperties, Boolean canSaveOrDisposeMapiProp)
session, MapiProp mapiProp, Origin origin, PropertyDefinition[]
Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.Item.InternalBindItem(StoreSession session,
StoreObjectId itemId, Byte[] changeKey, ItemBindOption itemBindOption,
PropertyDefinition[] allPropsToLoad)
Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.Item.InternalBind[T](StoreSession session,
StoreId id, ItemBindOption itemBindOption, PropertyDefinition[]
Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.Item.InternalBind[T](StoreSession session,
StoreId id, PropertyDefinition[] allPropsToLoad)
storeSession, StoreId storeId, Boolean forceAsMessageItem,
PropertyDefinition[] prefetchProperties)
userContext, OwaStoreObjectId owaStoreObjectId, Boolean forceAsMessageItem,
PropertyDefinition[] prefetchProperties)
t owaContext, Item& parentItem, Boolean forceAsMessageItem,
PropertyDefinition[] prefetchProperties)
itemRequired, Boolean forceAsMessageItem, PropertyDefinition[]
ion[] prefetchProperties)
Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Premium.ReadMessage.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint,
Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)

Inner Exception
Exception type: Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionCallFailed
Exception message: MapiExceptionCallFailed: Unable to get properties on
object. (hr=0x80004005, ec=-1073151871) Diagnostic context: Lid: 18969
EcDoRpcExt2 called [length=493] Lid: 27161 EcDoRpcExt2 returned
[ec=0x0][length=963][latency=1015] Lid: 23226 --- ROP Parse Start --- Lid:
27962 ROP: ropOpenMessage [3] Lid: 27962 ROP: ropGetPropsSpecific [7] Lid:
17082 ROP Error: 0xC0090081 Lid: 26465 Lid: 21921 StoreEc: 0xC0090081 Lid:
27962 ROP: ropExtendedError [250] Lid: 1494 ---- Remote Context Beg ----
Lid: 26426 ROP: ropGetPropsSpecific [7] Lid: 21970 StoreEc: 0x8004010F
PropTag: 0xE960102 Lid: 21970 StoreEc: 0x8004010F PropTag: 0x6708000B Lid:
21970 StoreEc: 0x8004010F PropTag: 0xE960102 Lid: 21970 StoreEc: 0x8004010F
PropTag: 0x67760102 Lid: 25394 Lid: 19506 Lid: 27698 Lid: 11285 StoreEc:
0xC0090081 Lid: 5257 StoreEc: 0xC0090081 Lid: 1750 ---- Remote Context
End ---- Lid: 26849 Lid: 21817 ROP Failure: 0xC0090081 Lid: 20385 Lid: 28577
StoreEc: 0xC0090081 Lid: 32001 Lid: 29953 StoreEc: 0xC0090081

Call stack

Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionHelper.ThrowIfError(String message, Int32
hresult, Object objLastErrorInfo)
Microsoft.Mapi.MapiProp.GetProps(PropTag[] propTagsRequested)

This is a simple .TXT file that is only 8kb in size. This problem occurs
regardless of how the attachment was sent. It happens when an internal user
sends an attachment to another internal user, or when an external address
sends to an internal user. HOWEVER, if I send an attachment to an external
address the attachment comes through the attachment/message is not
getting corrupted.

Also, I can attach email messages and they do not show this issue. I can
drag an email message into a new message as an attachment and send to an
internal user and they can read the email fine. This problem only shows up
with file attachments, regardless of size or type.

I completed disabled the Symantec software, thinking it was causing a
problem, but that didn't fix the issue.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

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Just to let everyone know, it was the Symantec Mail Security for Exchange
that was causing the problem. While I had stopped the services before to
test, I guess the services had not closed completely and were still
interfering with the attachments.

It's weird though...the attachments were fine because they could be read
when sent to external addresses.

As soon as I force killed both Symantec services the emails with attachments
popped right open.

I have switched to the anti-spam components in Exchange 2007 and, while not
as fully featured as the Symantec program, seems to be working fine for me
so far.