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VanguardLH wrote:
> Richard Carver wrote:
> Why are you yanking the discussion away from the other newsgroups to
> which you posted? If your discussion was not appropriate for those
> other newsgroups to continue its discussion by visitors there then you
> should not have posted there. It is rude to post in a newsgroup and
> then hide the remainder of the discussion elsewhere. There are rare few
> occasions where the use of the FollowUp-To header is appropriate.
> The original Newsgroups list was restored in my reply.
>> When I try to install .NET 3.5+SP1 a popup appears telling me:
>> "The windows Installer Service is unavailable. Another applictaion may be running setup..."
>> No! There is nothing else running.
>> How can I fix the problem?

I don't know which groups were eliminated by the author, but one was
dotnet.general. Since the OP is installing .Net 3.5 + sp 1, it would be
appropriate to answer the question here, where I am seeing it. At least
it is appropriate to see an answer here by a searcher at a later date.

As the response said, rebooting should help. Just because you don't see
an active user interface to an install, does not mean one is not
occurring. You should look at the task manager, and kill any
msiexec.exe processes, then try again.

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