From: ceed on
On Sat, 31 Oct 2009 18:15:48 -0500, John Thompson
<john(a)> wrote:

> Perhaps you have some spurious 32-bit OpenGL liraries on your system?
> I'm not familiar enough with Ubuntu to know if perhaps your previous
> attempts to install the driver using Ubuntu's tools (envy?) installed
> 32-bit OpenGL libraries into /lib instaed of /usr/lib and this is
> confusing NVIDIA's installer.
> In any case, you could move any 32-bit OpenGL libraries out of /lib and
> run the installer again. If it doesn't complain then it would appear to
> be fixed, particularly if your 32-bit OpenGL software (if any) continues
> to run.
> FWIW, the only 32-bit OpenGL software on my 64-bit system is Google
> Earth. You could use that to test your system.

You were absolutely right! There were old drivers and symlinks to them in
/lib32 and /lib32/tls. I manually removed the files and the installation
went without problems. 32 bit support (Google Earth) works fine. Thank you!