From: Brian on
Anyone else having problems using on Win7 x64 RTM and checking GMail
accounts? I have 20 or so accounts on different mail servers, all using TLS,
but GMail accounts take minutes to check, but once they do they check fine after
that. This doesn't happen with the same exact install of Eudora on Vista SP2
Ultimate x86 or XP Pro SP3 x86.

From: John H Meyers on
All first-time SSL has always taken longer, on any version of Windows;
mine always used to fail on Win2K and WinXP, even for one single account,
until I got a faster CPU.

Try checking just one account on the first mail check
(I haven't found out yet whether this subsequently saves total time).

20 mail checking tasks in parallel might also be a hefty load;
one can slow those down by reducing a limit.

From: John H Meyers on
There seems to be a parallel thread on Qualcomm's forums about this:

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