From: Jonathan Sachs on
No, not the dominant personality.

Sometimes I get the cryptic box that says "Eudora encountered a
problem and has to close. Sometimes I get an "invalid instruction

This is v in quasi-paid mode, under Windows XP.

Any suggestions?
From: John H Meyers on
To delete named personality xxxxx by editing Eudora.ini

o Close all internal windows within Eudora.
o Close Eudora.
o Remove "[Persona-xxxxx]" section from Eudora.ini
o Remove "Persona-xxxxx" entry from "[Personalities]" section
(renumber the remaining entries, which start with Persona0=Persona-yyyyy)


From: John H Meyers on
On 4/21/2010 12:16 AM, Jonathan Sachs wrote:

> Yup, that appears to have done it.

There may also be an xxxxx [name of personality] folder
under the "spool" folder, containing only "LMOS" files
for the now defunct personality, hence is also disposable.