From: Loretta on
I have been using Excel 2003 workbook to query a database created in Access 2000 for several years. This is for tracking appraisal information, who has paid, who owes, and subcontractors that we owe for a given time frame.
Recently, one of the spreadsheets within the workbook generates the following error, upon trying to refresh:
"The query returned more data than will fit on a worksheet. To continue and display as much data as will fit, click OK. To cancel the query, click Cancel..."
It had worked perfectly for years. I don't see a maximum number of entries in the query. I added a new spreadsheet to the workbook and created a new query to retrieve the same information, and it runs fine with no error. The only problem is that it does not sort the data, I have to do it manually after the results are displayed.
Does anyone know how to make the worksheet hold all of the data from the query?

Thank you,

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