From: JoeM on
Wouldn't ya know after I built all of this the stupid columns are coming out
>120, 120, 30, 60, 90
I need: 30, 60, 90, 120,>120

I know i've seen a post around here about this but I just couldn't find it


PS anybody seen a good course online for advanced pivot table training. I
already did the Microsoft one.

"Anna Wood" wrote:

> I need to add values in different columns of data based on due dates.
> Categories of data include:
> Current Due Date (say, 2/1/09)
> Grace Days (i.e., 5 days)
> Current Payment Amount
> Jan Due Date (1/1/09)
> Jan Payment Amount
> Dec Due Date (12/1/08)
> Dec Amount
> The current payment amount falls into a "Within Grace Days" column if it is
> within 5 days of the current due date. I need to lump amounts due for "1-30
> Days", "31 to 60 Days", etc. based on the amounts and when the payments were
> due.
> As today's date changes, the data will need to flow into the respective
> delinquency categories as it passes from 30 to 31 days, etc.
> I would like to copy this formula down the page and need to use an ISNA or
> ISBLANK formula (say they don't owe a Jan or Dec payment) as I don't want a
> $0.00 amount in a cell - it needs to stay blank.
> Your help is greatly appreciated.