From: Scott on
I do use that feature sometimes but not always. By the way, my issues isn't
my PC slowing down, its when I'm dragging my mouse down the page to
hightlight what I want and it automaticly slows down the scroll speed when I
get close to the bottom. (it just annoys me)

Thank you for you reply

"KC" wrote:

> I, too, have found the conversion to 2007 slowing my machine down. I cannot
> address your issue, but I rarely use my mouse to highlight ranges. Use
> Ctrl+Shift+DownArrow to select from the current cell down to the last
> non-empty cell. If your data has breaks in it (some rows are empty along the
> way to the actual end), just use Ctrl+Shift+PgDn or keep hitting
> Ctrl+Shift+Down until you reach the actual end. Hope that helps.
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> "Scott" wrote:
> > Yeah, i know this is a minor issue but it's adding to my frustration when
> > using Office 2007. When I'm selecting a range of cells (top/down) Excel
> > knows when I'm getting close to the end of the range of cells with data in
> > them. When I get close to the end it stops scrolling down the page and I
> > have to fiddle with my mouse to get it to finish highlighting them. Does
> > anyone have a cllue howo to turn this feature off ? Thanks in advance for
> > any advice.
> >