From: Greg Lovern on
It stopped reproducing here after I restarted Excel. I tried several
different ways but haven't been able to get the problem to happen
again. I'll pick it up again if I can get a repro. Also, when I can
get the time I'll step through the DLL function to see if I can find
the problem. But the .xla is just passing values to the DLL, not range


On May 12, 1:03 pm, Ron Rosenfeld <ronrosenf...(a)> wrote:
> On Wed, 12 May 2010 07:30:31 -0700 (PDT), Greg Lovern <gr...(a)> wrote:
> >Sorry, I forgot to add:
> >If the problem only occured on one computer, I'd be inclined to think
> >it was a problem with the Excel installation on that computer. But the
> >problem exists on at least two computers -- the problem was originally
> >reported to me by a customer, and it was his sample .xlsx file I used
> >on both of my computers to repro.
> >So the problem happens on his computer and one of mine, but not on
> >another computer of mine.
> >Greg
> I think it has to do with compatibility mode incompatibilities.
> --ron