From: abd08 on
On Mar 18, 6:12 am, "david" <da...(a)> wrote:
> When you first get the mail message, examine the headers
> first. Then compare the headers to what you are seeing after
> the message has become corrupted.
> In any case, I'm thinking that this is,
> which should have been fixed in SP2:
> Have you applied SP2 to your server? You won't get it from
> automatic updates: you have to do it manually.
> (david)

Hi there,

We already have SP2, but remember, we are Exchange 2003 so not sure if
it applies.

Things have become even stranger:

- the sender re-sent the original email yesterday which did not
corrupt despite multiple log-outs/ins etc on OWA and Outlook 2003.

- This morning, the resent email looks fine in OWA BUT now looks
corrupt in Outlook 2003

- The corrupt letters/symbols in the resent email match the previous
corrupt email exactly

- The previous corrupt email still looks corrupt in both OWA and

- Clicking "reply" on the resent email in OWA makes the text corrupt
on the reply email, and this corrupt text matches the previous corrupt
email text.

Headers look the same to me. I am going to ask him to re-send one more
time, and then get the headers straight away from that in Outlook 2003
and then compare.

Thanks again guys,