From: ctyggerpooh on
I have a workstation that when you try to right click and send a
document via email thru Windows Explorer it freezes. It pops up the
following error "Explorer.exe - application error "The instruction at
"0x4000572a" referenced memory at "0x038d0e3c". The memory could not
be "read". Click on Ok to terminate the program. Click on Cancel to
debug the program. When I click ok , the next window pops up Error
"Runtime error 216 at 4000572A" Please Help

From: Newbie Coder on
Try this:

Newbie Coder
(It's just a name)

From: ctyggerpooh on
On Feb 27, 5:51 pm, "Newbie Coder" <newbieco...(a)>
> Try this:
> --
> Newbie Coder
> (It's just a name)

Try this and there are no viruses or trojans. I am wondering if it is
the memory that installed on this machine?

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